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PMAC offers a 10% family discount for each additional student after the first when more than one family member (single household) studies at PMAC during the same semester. We also offer a 10% multiple program discount for each additional program after the first that a single student registers for during the same semester. All discounts are applied to the class or program with the lower tuition value. PMAC limits discounts to a maximum of 10% for any one program. Multiple discounts cannot be layered in any way that exceeds 10% of the tuition cost.

Financial aid is granted to students on the basis of family need and PMAC’s availability of funds. Applications may be downloaded by clicking the link above. Hard copies of the financial aid form are also available at the administrative office. To be considered for aid, the form must be returned by the appropriate deadline. In determining awards, the Financial Aid Committee considers family financial need, along with such additional factors as temporary unemployment, emergencies, illnesses, and total music training expenses. All student financial aid information is confidential. Continuation of assistance depends on evaluation of the student’s commitment and progress. New and continuing students who are enrolled in private lessons, classes, or ensembles, are eligible for financial aid. Recipients of partial financial aid who fail to pay the balance of tuition become ineligible for future aid. Financial aid recipients are expected to provide volunteer services for PMAC as scheduled through the office.

To apply for financial assistance, please download our Financial Aid Form. Application deadlines are listed on our Calendar page.

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