Portsmouth Music and Arts Center, 973 Islington Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801, 603-431-4278
PMAC is a continually improving resource for arts education that is accessible to all. It allows every member of the community to reach their full creative potential and to engage with the arts in an approachable and meaningful way.
 • An influx of hundreds of families each week into Portsmouth’s West End from the Seacoast and surrounding areas, including Maine and Massachusetts

 • $40,000 per year in tuition aid to families and individuals in need of assistance

 • Affordable, high-quality programming for over 800 students each week

 • PMAC contributes 49 jobs to the local creative economy, and is continually growing

 • Free performances, exhibitions and events that are open to all

 • Access to internationally renowned musicians and artists who come to perform

 • A creative outlet for teens and young people, engaging them in a productive way

 • An emerging artist gallery featuring local visual artists in 10 exhibitions per year

 • Partnerships that allow our students to meet artists from around our region, and to perform in a variety of area venues

 • A more connected community; sharing community pride and an increased understanding and tolerance of differences

 • Accessible music and arts education programs for students of all ages, from infants through retirement, with a focus on arts mentor relationships

 • Providing STEAM Programs: adding the “A” of Arts to STEM education, incorporating creative thinking in the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

 • Integrating technology into music and art through the offerings of our recording and digital arts studios

 • Programming for individuals who do not self identify as musicians or artists; allowing everyone equal access to the arts in through different channels

 • Profoundly affective music therapy, encouraging self-expression and creative development to address specific physical, emotional, cognitive or social needs
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