Music and Art Therapy are clinically effective treatments 
for many different types of disabilities and other challenges, 
even in those who are resistive to traditional treatment approaches. 
Music and Art Therapy are used to improve and enhance the 
physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals of all 
ages by setting specific goals accomplished through the creative 
process. Some areas that music and art therapists assist individuals 
are in mental health, Autism spectrum disorders/developmental 
delays, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, pain management, 
crisis and trauma, and traumatic brain injury.

Music Therapy FAQ

Groups provide many opportunities to work on social skills and broader goals involving communication and listening to others. Sessions are designed to help a group with similar needs meet their goals. All groups can be music therapy, art therapy, or in some cases, a combination of the two. Group Therapy can focus on:

Expression and Regulation of Feelings and Behavior
Socialization Goals such as Engagement, Empathy and Eye Contact
Learning Goals
Language and Speech
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Safe and Organized Sensory Stimulation
Communication Goals
Developmental Goals

To register for music or art therapy please fill out this questionnaire.

Individual Art & Music Therapy
Individual sessions enable the therapist to work on the specific needs of the client, encouraging self-expression and creative development. For new students, we offer a 6-week Trial to ensure that this program is a good fit!

Workshops & Trainings
Informational workshops focus on adapting art and music to special populations. Corporate team building through the creative process helps focus groups on a common goal that is fun and engaging. Let us design a presentation for your next group.

To Schedule a Consultation
Contact: Ginna Macdonald (music therapy) at or
Cara Langevin (art therapy) at or 
by calling 603-431-4278.
Portsmouth Music and Arts Center, 973 Islington Street , Portsmouth, NH 03801, 603-431-4278
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Krempels Center Member Jackie shares a piece of her artwork during a group art and music therapy event
Art Therapist Laura Beaudoin leads an art therapy 
exercise at Krempels Center
Ginna Macdonald and music therapy student Elliot.