It is almost that time again, PMAC’s Annual Jazz Night at the Music Hall Loft! On March 13 & 14 we are celebrating Charlie “Bird” Parker, Dave Brubeck, and Clark “CT” Terry at 100. Featuring the faculty of PMAC’s Jazz Institute, each evening is unique. Attend one or both shows!

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Today we are kicking off a blog series about each of the jazz legends: Bird, Brubeck & CT. This first blog is from PMAC Teaching Artist, Matt Langley about Dave Brubeck:

“I started buying vinyl records in junior high school. The first one I can remember flipping out over was ‘Dave Brubeck – We’re all together again for the first time.’ The second one was Led Zeppelin 3 but that’s for a different story, I guess. The Brubeck record has Paul Desmond AND Gerry Mulligan and the tune I wore a hole through the record on was ‘Unfinished Woman’ by Gerry Mulligan.

Listening to it again right now reminds me of everything I love about improvised music. The simple piano lick that starts out the tune. The saxes come in and echo the piano lick. The excitement builds. Gerry Mulligan starts his solo in almost a classical, contrapuntal kinda vibe with Brubeck commenting chordally and rhythmically. Then things heat up a bit. Gerry builds up the rhythmic intensity and so does Alan Dawson. Then my favorite Mulligan lick of the whole thang: bubba-dubba-dubba-dubba…bubadubadubadow…off into a bunch of double time bebop stew. Mmm, mmmm, warms the heart and soul. I used to practice to this one until my Dad would rap on the kitchen ceiling with the broomstick to get me to stop. Good times!” – Matt Langley

Check out our Spotify Brubeck playlist, curated by PMAC’s Teaching Artist Nick Phaneuf

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