As we move through this first week of online music learning at PMAC, I wanted to share additional thoughts on optimizing your experience. We would love to see photos from your lessons! If you are willing to share, please ask a family member to take a photo at the start or finish of your lesson and we can share your success story with our community. Please send photos to Amy at  I hope you are continuing to experience joy and peace through your music making.  ~Michelle Shoemaker, Director of Education

  • If possible, ask other family members to minimize their use of the internet during your lesson. Running simultaneous video conferencing, streaming movies or playing online games can affect your internet download and upload speeds.
  • You can test your internet speed at Check with your service provider to see what internet bandwidth you have purchased. A minimum download speed of 20-25 Megabytes per second (MBPS) and minimum upload speed of 2-3 MBPS.
  • Try using a wired connection instead of a wireless connection. If you are able to use a computer, everything is in working order, and you’re still having inconsistent audio and/or video, try plugging your computer into your router using an ethernet cable.
  • Many people find that there are places in their home with a stronger WiFi signal. Try setting up your station in that room.
  • Don’t stand too close to your device’s microphone when playing, as this will cause feedback. Also, you can go into advanced audio settings in most platforms to adjust your microphone settings. Some instruments will sound better when these settings are lowered below the default setting. In addition, you can turn off the setting that “automatically adjusts microphone settings,” (find this under preferences or advanced audio settings, and is a simple checkbox.)
  • If you play an instrument where you’re able to move your position, stand closer to your device when speaking, but move further away when playing.
  • Playing in a room without carpeting or lots of furniture creates a very “live” sound and may require an adjustment in the microphone setting.
  • When your teacher is playing/demonstrating for you, turn off your video feed. And don’t be surprised if your teacher does the same when you are playing for them!
  • Provide your teacher with a phone number to reach you, in the event that the internet connection becomes unstable.

Do you have additional suggestions? Send your ideas to Michelle at