Welcome and thanks for visiting the PMAC Blog! We truly wish we were in person with you at our building on Islington St. for the “Get to Know PMAC” event. You would see first hand student art being created while also hearing the sounds of laughter, excitement, and music making. Our priority is to keep everyone safe, and this virtual edition of the “Get to Know PMAC” event includes information about PMAC’s mission, our programs, tuition aid, and how to become a part of our PMAC community.

PMAC is a 501(c)(3) community arts school, and our mission is to build community through the arts by providing all people with the opportunity to achieve their full creative potential, regardless of their age, ability, or economic status. To read more about the history of PMAC, visit this page on our website. 

What makes PMAC so special? Watch this video to find out!

We are proud of the variety of programs we offer to students of all ages. In this video, Director of Education Michelle Shoemaker gives an overview of PMAC’s music and art programs.

Watch to learn about all of PMAC’s programs and classes!

An important part of PMAC’s mission is to be sure our programs are available to everyone, regardless of economic status. Learn from Michelle about our need based tuition aid program:

Visit our Tuition Aid webpage https://www.pmaconline.org/tuition-aid/ to learn more and apply.

Are you ready to get creative? Registration for the Spring 2022 semester, which begins at the end of January, is now open!  Visit our website to find the best match for you or your child.  If you have questions, please contact Director of Education, Michelle Shoemaker, at michelle@pmaconline.org.

If you’re ready to sign up for a 6 week trial of individual music or art instruction, please complete an inquiry form. 6 week trials can start at any time during the semester. All students must have access to their instrument or art supplies for their lesson program. If you do not have access to your instrument and/or art supplies for your lesson program, we can help you with getting an instrument/supplies.

And have you started thinking about summer? Summer music workshops and summer art camp registration will open on February 15, 2022.


What are the dates for PMAC’s Spring 2022 semester?  Our spring semester begins on Monday, January 31 and ends on Saturday, June 18, 2022.

What is a 6 week trial? New individual instruction students start with a 6 week trial of six, half-hour weekly private music lessons or 45 minute weekly private art lessons. Once a trial is complete, a student may continue for the rest of the semester in the same lesson day/time and with the same instructor. Post-trial tuition is pro-rated for the remainder of the semester, once the trial period is over.

When can I start lessons?  6 week trials can begin at any point during the semester, depending on teaching artist availability.  To get the best choice of day/time/teaching artist, the ideal time to enroll is July/August for the fall semester, and January for the spring semester.

What is the cost?   The cost for a six week trial during Spring 2022 is $243.00 for music lessons and $348.00 for art lessons.
What musical instrument lessons do you offer?  You can see an infographic of the instruments we teach here. If you want to familiarize yourself with the different woodwind, brass and string instruments, the Portland Youth Philharmonic in Portland, Oregon, has a wonderful video showcases each section.

Still have questions? Call us at 603-431-4278 or email visit@pmaconline.org

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