widest range of jazz instruction

The PMAC Jazz Institute offers the widest range of jazz instruction available in New Hampshire outside of a collegiate experience. The program includes six weekly jazz ensembles, guest artist workshops, jam sessions, concerts, college audition prep, and private instruction with many of the best jazz musicians in the region. The Jazz Institute faculty has designed a curriculum that provides opportunities for musicians at every stage of development. If you are interested in jazz, whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, the PMAC Jazz Institute has programs designed to take you to the next level.

Bryan Bergeron Killough, guitar

Chris Klaxton, trumpet, piano

Eric Klaxton, saxophone

Jeff Auger, piano

Jim Dozet, guitar

Jim Rudolf, drums

Jonny Peiffer, piano, percussion, jazz theory, composition

Matt Langley, saxophone

Mike Effenberger, piano, jazz theory, composition

Mike Walsh, drum set

Nate Therrien, upright bass

Nick Phaneuf, bass

Russ Grazier, saxophone

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