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Welcome to PMAC’s New Student Resources Page! Whether you are an adult student or a parent of a youth student starting their artistic quest, this information is for you! Below are details on what to expect if you are studying in-person at PMAC OR how to set up your “Zoom Room” for an online lesson. We also have information about discounts, tuition aid and what to do in the event that you have to withdraw from the semester. Please read on and if you have any questions, please reach out to our PMAC Office at 603-431-4278 or email us at

Covid-19 Policies at PMAC for In-Person Instruction

We are committed to providing a healthy environment for our students who study in-person at PMAC, our teaching artists and visitors to our space. We are excited to announce our updated safety protocols for in person programs at PMAC, effective starting March 7, 2022.

ALL PERSONS who enter our building – regardless of vaccination status, must adhere to the following rules:

  • Face coverings are now optional for all in-person programs*

  • Within a lesson setting, students can request that their instructor wear a mask during their program

  • If you or your child is not feeling well (regardless of vaccination status) please do not enter our building. Instead, the student may opt to participate in their program remotely.

  • Students who study woodwind, brass or voice instruments OR are in an ensemble with one of these instruments, must prove vaccination status or a weekly negative covid test result.

  • Students will be asked to wash or sanitize their hands before entering their classroom

*A few of our lesson and class instructors will be requiring masks in their lesson studios or classroom. For those instances, our PMAC Office will reach out to the students and families with information about specific protocols.

COVID-19 DIAGNOSIS: If you or your child have recently been diagnosed with Covid-19, please contact the PMAC Office with your news so that we can notify persons who came in contact with you, if applicable. Please follow CDC guidelines and/or your doctor’s recommendation for when you are able to return to onsite programs at PMAC. These guidelines also must be followed if your student lives in a household with someone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 or has been exposed to someone with Covid-19. During the quarantine time period, students are encouraged to attend their lesson or ensemble program remotely if they are able to do so.

Click here for IN-PERSON SAFETY PROTOCOLS to learn more about our vaccination requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact Katie Grazier, Chief Operating Officer at or by calling PMAC at 603-431-4278.

Student Policies

Please CLICK HERE to download a PDF of PMAC’s Student Policies

What Do I Bring To My Lesson? What Do I Need To Have At Home To Start My Lesson Program?

Below is information about what you need to have before your first music or visual arts lesson at PMAC – in person or online. If you have any questions, please contact the PMAC Office at 603-431-4278 or by emailing us at

For Music Students: Please bring your instrument, a folder and pencil to your lessons. There are exceptions if you are a piano or drum student. See the below guide by instrument for details.  ALL music students MUST have their instrument before their first lesson at PMAC. Why? Without an instrument at home to practice on daily, a student is unable to achieve their daily/weekly goals during their trial. At the first lesson, our music teaching artists will work with the student to set goals for their lesson program session. PLEASE NOTE – most instructors will ask students to purchase a lesson book for their program. They will share those details after the first lesson. 


  • What to Bring to Your Lessons: Your Guitar! All Guitar Students must have their instrument prior to starting lessons at PMAC. Also, please bring any guitar accessories that you need such as a tuner, patch cord, picks, strings, etc. 
  • What to Leave at Home: Electric Guitar & Bass Students Only – Leave Your Amp at home. We have amps in all of our teaching studios for your use during your lesson. 


  • What to Bring to Your Lessons: Just Yourself! All piano students will use PMAC owned pianos during their lessons. 
  • What to Leave/Have at Home: Leave your Piano or Keyboard at home (you will take your lesson in a piano lesson studio at PMAC). Piano students MUST have a piano or keyboard at home prior to the start of lessons. This is essential – students must be able to practice at home in order to be ready for the next lesson. 


  • What to Bring to Your Lessons: A Pair of Drumsticks & A Practice Pad 
  • What to Leave/Have at Home: All drum students need a Practice Pad or Drum Set at home so that they are able to practice and prepare for their next lesson. For those of you who do not have a DRUM KIT yet – there is no need to purchase one during a student’s trial lesson program. A practice pad is just fine! Once a student advances, they will need this instrument at home. Please leave your drum kit at home – all drum students will use a PMAC kit during their lesson.  


  • What to Bring to Your Lessons and Have at Home: Your Instrument!


  • What to Bring to Your Lessons: Please bring your Practice Pad, Sticks and Mallets.
  • What to Leave/Have a Home: Your Timpani, Marimba, or any Large Percussion Instruments! All students will use PMAC owned percussion during their lesson. 


  • What to Bring to Your Lessons and Have at Home: Your Instrument 


  • What to Bring to Your Lessons: Yourself! 


  • What to Bring to Your Lessons: Your Instrument and any accessories that you may need to play

For Visual Art Students: Please bring samples of your work to your first lesson (portfolios and/or photos of your pieces are welcome!). At the first lesson, your visual arts teaching artist will form a plan for the rest of your session based on student goals. 

Students need to bring their own basic supplies to the first lesson such as their own drawing utensils (pencils, colored pencils, crayons, markers, craypas, etc). Students who will be exploring painting, should purchase and bring their own watercolor palette, and provide a labeled empty paint palette for other paints. PMAC is able to provide paper and assorted supplies depending on the project. Students also need a carrying case to safely store their supplies and pieces to/from PMAC.

Please NOTE – instructors may recommend specific supplies for the student based on the goals set for the lesson program and/or ability level.

What a Student Needs for A Successful Online Lesson or Program

Below is a guide of things that you need before your first online program through PMAC! If you have any questions, please call us at PMAC at 603-431-4278 or email us at


  • Strong Internet Connection – we highly recommend high speed internet with the ability to plug into your wifi router for a dependable connection. 
  • Good Lighting in your Space! Please bring in lighting into your space to allow our teaching artist to see your play or create your art
  • Zoom Account – we primarily use Zoom at the online platform for our online lessons or programs at PMAC. Please be sure to download Zoom prior to your session. 
  • Set your Laptop or Computer in a way that the camera gives a full view of your instrument or workspace for your instructor. 
  • If you are registered for a musicianship class, high quality headphones are recommended for optimal sound quality.
  • For students under age 10, we require that a parent or guardian be present during the lesson to take notes, assist their student with the online connection and computer placement and learn how they can support their student’s studies throughout the week (in between lessons). 
  • For some general tips for online lessons, review this blog post written by PMAC Director of Education, Michelle Shoemaker. 

ALL ONLINE STUDENTS need to have their instruments or art supplies at home or in their “Zoom room” before their first lesson. Please make sure that all of your additional supplies – paper for notes, picks, sticks, brushes, paints, etc. are easily accessible during the lesson. Students will receive a link to connect to their lesson program from their instructor via email a few days prior to their lesson. If you have any questions or have not received the link the day before your lesson, please contact the PMAC Office at 603-431-4278 or email us at

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